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From Paris to Prague, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, The Wick and The Flame captures the heart and soul of a nation at its birth, seen through the eyes of those who put their lives and hearts on the line to insure its future!

Hilari T. Cohen

If there’s one thing I love more than writing, it’s hearing what you think about my characters and stories. It gets lonely sitting at my computer writing all day, so feel free to look around and drop me a line. I’ll use any excuse to stop what i’m doing to chat!

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What kind of research do I do for my books?

All of my books begin with the seed of an idea. For everything I’ve written up to this point, the research was more casual. I would visit a place and imagine my characters there. But for the historical novel I’m currently working on, “I Will Find You”, the...

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What is my favorite childhood book?

My all-time favorite book as a child was Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”.  I can remember sitting up in my bed, late into the night, book propped up on my knees, flashlight in hand against the “lights out” policy set out by my parents after 9pm, having been...

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August is already here!

August is already here! I’m so proud to announce the publication of “August”, Book Three of The Gypsy Moth Chronicles! When I set out to write this trilogy, it was a personal challenge. I wasn’t sure if I could sustain a story about two central characters over the...

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