For me, a good story is comprised of three things: a really interesting conflict,

ladya flawed protagonist and a satisfying ending.  I really want to go on a journey with the writer.  I don’t want to be able to guess what’s going to happen next in the plot, I want the story to flow in a plausible, connected way.  I want a main character that I can relate to, one that is far from perfect, someone who is trying to make sense of the world the writer has created.  And I want the ending to work within the parameters of the narrative.  I, for one, don’t need a happy conclusion, but I want to have the satisfaction of knowing that the right thing has happened for the people I’ve now followed for a few hundred pages.  I hope I deliver on that promise to my own readers, and I would expect nothing less from the writers I admire.

Quarantine is Temporary,
True Love Is Forever

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