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Maddie and Tom had it all until a shocking event changed everything. Now years later, can they move beyond their pain, or will the past keep them from finding their way back to love? The Lyric of Memory takes readers into the tumultuous world of superstardom as it reveals the enduring bonds of true love and the everlasting connection between parent and child—a bittersweet story of love and redemption that will linger like a haunting melody…
Ruby needed a job, and she needed one fast.

Without it, she would have to give up her dream of law school forever. The only way to raise the money was to work at the Hut, a summer beach bar at Bluff’s Cove on Cape Cod famous for its wild party scene. The problem? She’d never waitressed before and was hiding a dark secret about her family’s past. But the bigger issue? Cooper. Once Ruby met him, her carefully laid plans vanished with one smoldering glance…

Ruby’s finished her first year at law school and is once again heading back up to Bluff’s Cove on Cape Cod to work at the infamous beach bar The Hut.

But everything she thinks she knows for sure has changed.

“Hilari kept me focused and drawn into all the intricate threads that are woven together to create Ruby’s story.”

Heather, "The Gypsy Moth Chronicles"

After the financial scandal that upended her family, life was finally falling into place for Ruby. She has a solid career path, her loving boyfriend Cooper and a whole community of folks in Bluff’s Cove who she can count on. But in one fireball of an explosion, everything changes… Ruby’s faith in all she knows for sure is about to be tested as she fights for love and the chance for the homecoming she’s always dreamed of!
Now available (US)
How well do you really know those you’re closest to? From coast to coast and adventure to misadventure, the two unforgettable women of Adjusting the Rear View share a bond that grabs you by the heart—and will make you want to hold your own best friend by the hand and hit the open road together!
CeCe longed for a baby.

When nature didn’t cooperate, she took matters into her own hands. Could she convince her husband Carl to follow her on a different path to parenthood?
”September”, the 4th installment of The Gypsy Moth Chronicles, is now available!

“Hilari kept me focused and drawn into all the intricate threads that are woven together to create Ruby’s story.”

Heather, "The Gypsy Moth Chronicles"

It’s been raining in Seattle for months and I needed a pick me up. This book was the perfect funny, poignant and uplifting remedy. Any woman with a bff will appreciate the relationship that Tobey and Jillian share; reminiscing about the carefree days of the past, supporting one another through the challenges of the present and continuing to encourage each other to be just a little wild and unpredictable!

Sharon, "Adjusting The Rear View"

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