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If there’s one thing I love more than writing, it’s hearing what you think about my characters and stories. It gets lonely sitting at my computer writing all day, so feel free to look around and drop me a line. I’ll use any excuse to stop what I’m doing to chat!

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Attainable digitally and in paperback


Attainable digitally and in paperback

“I can’t get CeCe and Carl’s love story out of my head. It is such a beautiful story. Can you say, book hangover.”

—Advance Reader, “September”

“I’m sure we’ve all been put in a situation where we just didn’t quite fit in and acceptance was questionable. You could probably change the names of some of these characters to fit people you know. Ruby doesn’t give up and Cooper doesn’t either. Can’t wait to see what plays out in the next book…”

—Judy, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon Review of "June"

Meet Maddie!

Love, loss and redemption…Madeline Ellis and her ex-husband Tom Seymour were the greatest pop rock duo of the 1980’s until an unspeakable event ripped them apart for good. When their son Nate comes to his mom with a simple request, that his parents reunite for one time and perform at his wedding, Maddie’s confronted with a serious decision. She’s been keeping secrets, making it impossible to grant her only child’s single wish. She can’t understand why Nate won’t just accept that it’s unthinkable to expect her to be in the same room as Tom. It’s the only thing she’s sure that she’s unable to do for her precious boy. Perhaps it’s finally time to tell Nate the truth about what happened that fateful day all those years before. But first Maddie must decide if being close to Tom for even a solitary night to celebrate Nate’s newfound love is worth the enormous risk of having her heart shattered all over again…

“The Lyric of Memory” is a standalone novel.

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What kind of research do I do for my books?

All of my books begin with the seed of an idea. For everything I’ve written up to this point, the research was more casual. I would visit a place and imagine my characters there. But for the historical novel I’m currently working on, “I Will Find You”, the...

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What is my favorite childhood book?

My all-time favorite book as a child was Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”.  I can remember sitting up in my bed, late into the night, book propped up on my knees, flashlight in hand against the “lights out” policy set out by my parents after 9pm, having been...

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Readers always ask me if it’s difficult to write sex scenes

Readers always ask me if it's difficult to write sex scenes. Short answer: no. But that doesn't mean it's not a challenge! When I write about younger characters, like Ruby and Cooper, I want the emotion between them to reflect their age. The physicality may be a...

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